Clean Outlook…Comes with Washer and Dryer

In Unit LaundryRecently my family had the opportunity to take a vacation in Beaver Creek, Colorado.

I highly recommend this trip if you love being outdoors, skiing, skating, snowboarding, or enjoy quaint mountain villages with ample shops and restaurants. Our accommodations were at the Ridge Point townhouses (a very short shuttle ride to the town center).

The townhouse had everything would could ask for, but hands down the best loved amenity was the in-unit washer and dryer.

A few of our family members cancelled at the last minute so we invited some cousins to join us. After a few fast hours of planning, they were ready to hit the road with us. They didn’t stress about packing a lot because we told them there was a washer and dryer included. It wouldn’t take much to wash something if they needed it. In the craziness that comes from having 13 people skiing, swimming, skating, eating, and just generally having a good time we found that the laundry piled up pretty quick, especially towels.

We kept the laundry going steadily each day and were comforted by the fact that when we packed to head home, our suitcases weren’t completely full of dirty clothes. It was awesome!

While we can’t all pack up and head for the mountains right now, we can all take a break to be thankful for simple blessings in our lives.

Take some time to make a list of everyday conveniences that make your life better. It can be anything from running water and electricity, to your cell phone, to a nightlight, to major interstate highway systems.

Once you have started your list, hopefully you will find it easier to spot those common place comforts. Recognizing and appreciating the little things in life is what gives value to our days and fosters gratitude in our hearts.

A grateful intent will add positive power to the post-it notes, tissue boxes, cruise controls, dish washers, and TV remotes that we take for granted. Wash away your negativity with gratitude and your outlook can’t help but be spotless.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. I am also grateful that I did not break a leg, ankle, or any other body part as I learned to ski.





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