Choices for Broken Bones

Choices for Broken Bones

Broken Bone Choices

When my daughter broke her arm, it was definitely NOT fun, but we had to find ways that encouraged her to choose positive purpose as she healed. Choosing her cast color was only the beginning of the fun we have tried to provide.


Facing set backs (like a broken arm) is tough to do.

Broken bones offer us choices.

We can choose to let our child or ourselves hurt physically and be emotionally sad or we can break away from the gloom and provide positive, healing choices.

png 1 One of the first things I did when we learned her arm was broken was to call our family members. It was important for my little girl to know that she had her family there to support her.

If you are suffering from a broken bone, a broken heart, or a shattered dream, surround yourself with those who care for you. Reach out to your support system. That is what they are there for!

png 1 The second thing I did was go over what she needed to do to keep active but protect her arm. She can’t run or play contact sports but she can find a friend to walk around the playground with her or collect pretty flowers and rocks. We made a list of movies she would like to watch and set the DVR to record some shows she wanted to see. We have LOTS of crafts that can be done one-armed.

If you find yourself in a situation of limited mobility, use your energy wisely and keep your intent beneficial. Find ways to put your knowledge and imagination to work. Don’t let your set backs set you back. Keep moving forward.

png 1 Thirdly, we have kept her busy with games and projects that keep her hand and arm high and dry. Even the “tent” we built in the living room had a special space for her to rest her arm. We have been crazier than ever with Crazy 8’s and Bingo’ed more than I ever thought possible.

When you are healing from a physical or emotional injury, accomodate yourself and your needs for time and space. Find ways that are healthy to bring comfort to your life. It’s okay to designate a safe space for your wounded heart. Just don’t stop healing from happening.

png 1 To make her cast signing significant, I shared one of my “special” Sharpies… the silver Castedone!

The silver Sharpie showed up perfectly on her blue cast and everyone loves to check out their signature and see who else has signed.

Be sure to let others know about your healing victories. When you have passed a milestone, any significant milestone, share it. Let your happiness shine for others to see. Your happiness will allow your support system to add energy to your intents.


As the weeks move on, I know the novelty of our games will wear off and there is only so much TV an active 8 year-old can watch, so it will be up to us to provide choices for my poor, broken-armed, little girl.

As you help others to heal or are mending yourself, remember you always have choices. Choose the ones that will keep your spirit strong and your progress progressing. Dedicate your energy and intent to becoming whole again and you find that choices will present themselves in ways you never imagined.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. There are no longer any spots to sign on this cast. You will need to find someone else to draw on. 🙂




8 thoughts on “Choices for Broken Bones

  1. 🙌🙌🙌 wonderful post and advice! Say hi to her for me I’ve been through casts and let’s say i survived! Sign for me too!!! She’ll be well amen


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