So I accidentally ate some chocolate…

So I accidentally ate some chocolate…wp-image-421246380jpg.jpeg

I have established clear and determined intent to abstain from chocolate. It is Lent and I LOVE chocolate so it is the one thing I purposefully give up each year.

TWICE! TWICE! I have inadvertently eaten chocolate in the first 7 days of Lent. Aaauuuggghhhh!

My first infraction came with lunch on Ash Wednesday (of all the days!). I opened my yogurt while checking emails and scarfed it down. (I was really hungry from abstaining.) Then I turned to eat my peanut butter sandwich and realized that, I, in my state of “starvation,” ate a yogurt with chocolate and coconut. I felt so guilty! I didn’t even allow myself to each chocolate on the following Sunday (The one day a week that we are allowed to indulge during Lent) because of my guilt.

My second mistaken consumption occurred this Wednesday. Hubby and a crew of guys were pouring concrete for our new porch steps. I thought it would be nice to make lunch and treat them with cookies. I opened a tub of cookie dough and started scooping. Before placing the first dough ball on the cookie sheet, I did what I always do for “quality control;” I tasted the cookie dough. IT WAS CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH!

My guilt was unbearable! I was supposed to be sacrificing. Jesus DIED for us and I can’t go 7 days without chocolate. Oh my goodness!

Have you ever had full intention of doing something kind or helpful and failed? It doesn’t feel good does it?

Here are some things that can make us all feel better:chocolate chip cookie.jpg

png 1 We are forgivable.
png 1 We are only human.
png 1 We are not made to be perfect.
png 1 We are allowed to make mistakes.

If you find yourself in a state of imperfection, it’s okay. If you have done something hurtful, ask for forgiveness. If you have let yourself down, be kind and forgive yourself. If you did not live up to expectations, ask yourself if the expectations were reasonable. When we don’t attain reasonable expectations, we are called to work toward self-improvement. If the expectations were not reasonable, forget about them. There is nothing to forgive. 🙂

Make sure your intents are worthy of your energy. Dedicate your energy to worthy causes and provide yourself with healthy goals and compassion. You are a perfectly imperfect being.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. I know giving up chocolate is a totally attainable goal. I really didn’t mean to eat the chocolate. ( I really need to move on.)

P.P.S. Please take time to complete the Improving Intentergy survey. I am eager to make Intentergy a more successful element for anyone who is willing to read it.




6 thoughts on “So I accidentally ate some chocolate…

  1. We make mistakes, we forgive ourselves the same as we would forgive others. You didn’t have to admit your mistake, you could’ve kept it hidden and no one would be the wiser. It’s a brave thing to admit it, the poorer choice would be to keep it covered up. So bravo to you!
    BTW, at the end of your post there’s an advertisement for Kit Kat bars. How fitting, lol

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