Mountaintop Chocolate – Discovering a New Dream

mountaintop chocolates

When I was a kid, I had a lot of goals. To own a horse. To sing in Nashville. To have a dishwasher and ice maker (other than myself). In adulthood, I have discovered so many goals that I never dreamed would have been realities for me. I own a horse. I’ve sang on the Grand Ole Opry Stage. I have a dishwasher and an ice maker (none of which are me).

Traveling wasn’t something I dreamed much of when I was younger, but in this year of my 40th birthday, I have found the inspiration and motivation to take some pretty big trips. Hubby and I visited Oahu, Hawaii. (It really is paradise.) My mom, my sister, and two of my best friends, and I traveled to New York City. And most recently, hubby and I took our three kiddos to Colorado.

We saw waterfalls, rock formations, mountains, gold mines, and landscapes so vivid I cannot conceive words to describe them all.

It was on a quiet afternoon near Gypsum, Colorado that I discovered a goal I never knew I had, and I reveled in the moment. I had a box of chocolates all my own on top of a mountain.

It was magical.

It was beautiful.

It was delicious.

Maybe it was the breeze, the altitude, or the fresh-made Pike’s Peak chocolate-covered caramels, but I was about as close to heaven as I could have imagined at that moment.

Yes, I was sitting alone.

Yes, I was consuming a large quantity of sugar and calories.

Yes, I was feeling a bit like Forrest Gump (not knowing what I was going to get next), but I felt fulfilled in the moment and so elated that this previously unrecognized dream had become my reality.

While I realize that a box of chocolates on top of a mountain is a pretty lofty goal, I hope you will discover that there are many surprise accomplishments in your life. My wish for you is that you stumble across something magical, beautiful, power, surprising, and fulfilling. Celebrate those never-before recognized ambitions and aim for your own peaks of perfection. When those unexpected aspirations occur, put some positive effort into commemorating or documenting them. Make those moments as memorable as you can. If you put energy into showing gratitude for the greatness that comes your way, you will find that good stuff will keep on coming.

Dream bigger than your dreams. Live bigger than your life. Find your chocolate on the mountain moments.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. I’m excited to find more places for enjoying chocolate.

P.P.S. I enjoy chocolate everywhere but am up for suggestions and traveling companions willing to try chocolate in new places.

P.P.P.S. I’m going to have to get a third job to support my chocolate and traveling goals.

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