What to do with mountains – Wise Words Wednesday

What to do with mountains – Wise Words Wednesday

What to do with mountains

I thought this quote might be appropriate for hump day. 🙂
“These mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb.”

W-O-W! Wow! Powerful!

Those stupid grains of sand add up fast in life. The worrisome grains that make mountains out of mole hills. The ones that filter past our best laid plans and most dedicated intentions. The stained shirts in the bottom of the laundry. The bill we forgot to pay. The milk carton that got left out this morning. The low fuel light glaring at us from the car dash.

What are we supposed to do with those mountains?

I know I get mad when my kids climb on the mountains of laundry, but hey, at least someone is having fun with the unfolded clothes. The looming bills, chores, and commitments darken our horizons. What are we supposed to do with those mountains?

Well, for starters those peeking problems should serve as inspiration. Let the rising challenges provide fuel for your motivation. Ask yourself to look at problems from new perspectives and seek inspiration in simple solutions.

Second, remember those mountains are made of mole hills and those mole hills are made of singular grains of sand. Start small. Find ways to trek through your troubles one step at a time. Move those mountains with clear intent one stone at a time.

For example: your monthly bills are making their own mountain of money-sucking misery. Start small: organize your debts. Eliminate any unnecessary spending. (Do you really need Netflix, Hulu, and a Roku stick?) Set up a plan to pay off each debt one dollar at a time. Make a schedule. You usually have an idea of when you get paid and how much is coming in. Use that knowledge to build a budgeting bulldozer. Put that budgeting bulldozer to work each month shoveling some of that surplus debt out the door. Organize, eliminate, schedule, start shoveling.

What if you just can’t move yourself in to get going each day? (another malicious mountain)

What am I supposed to do with those mountains?

Before you go to bed, write down one thing (or 10 things) that you are looking forward to the next day. When that mean ol’ alarm clock starts shaking your world, grab onto that positive thought. It will be your first step in making the climb. Pick out your clothes the night before. Not worring about what you are going to wear is one less thing keeping you down. Each decision made is one stone toppled.

Lastly, remember “Those mountains that you are carrying, you were supposed to climb them.” Life is not a smooth, paved path. It has ups and downs. It has rough patches and seemingly impassable places. Upward climbs give us strength and the downward slides show us success. You were meant to surmount the trials and tribulations of life. You were not made to carry them.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. I am not a trained mountaineer, but I am a trained survivor of life. Just keep climbing. Don’t let those ol’ mountains get you down.

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