Single Compliment = Double Joy – Wise Words Wednesday

Compliments - Twain

“I can live two months on one good compliment.” – Mark Twain

In the cafeteria line yesterday, Donnie (a neighbor and coworker) told me he really liked my story on “those Charolais cattle.” Donnie raises Charolais himself, but I never took him to be a reader. I was so honored that he read my post. My joy was enhanced as he said, “I like what you said. I’m gonna read some more.”

My head was so big; they had to add a second line to the lunch cue.

Donnie reminded me how important it is to share our appreciation for the efforts of others.

As in Mr. Twain’s quote above, I find greater inspiration when I know my work has been enjoyed.

What motivates you to create, write, or work harder?

Compliments are terrific motivators.

Today I encourage your to supply motivation in two ways.

  1. Remind yourself of a time you received a compliment. Feel pride in that job well done and use that confidence in your current endeavors.
  2. Compliment others that you encounter. Sharing your enjoyment of their attire or efforts will make the day brighter for them and give you a positive intent. Feel good about making others feel better.

Any time we can put positive purpose behind compliments and add energy to appreciation shown is a GOOD time. Get out there and discover things to appreciate in others and share that gratitude. Give them two months worth of confidence from a single moment of recognition.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. You are a terrific judge of high quality blog posts. I am so glad you read this one!



2 thoughts on “Single Compliment = Double Joy – Wise Words Wednesday

  1. As a teacher, I am often focused on what needs to improve as I evaluate student work. This is a good reminder that the compliments are important, too.

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