Alleluia (after Lent)

Singing alleluia this Easter is with renewed joy.


Alleluia (after Lent)

Alleluia (1)

During the season of Lent we do not say, “Alleluia” during mass. Lent is a time of penance and reflection. “Alleluia” is a word of celebration.

We frequently sing “Alleluia” in my classroom when a terrific discovery has been made or when we finish an arduous task. But we have not sang it for the last 39 days. Last week my daughter told me how sad she was that we couldn’t sing it now. She just didn’t care for the “Praise to you, word of God, Lord Jesus Christ” that we sing in its place. I assured her that Easter was right around the corner and we could shout it from the rooftops if we wanted. Her sadness and my holding back on the “Alleluias” in the classroom led me to realize just how much I missed that word too.

Today take time to say an “Alleluia.”

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