What do you see? – Thoughtful Thursday

What do you see

When you look at this log peeking out of the water, what do you see?

On a recent trip to the creek, my daughter was walking across a partially submerged log and discovered this cool formation sticking up from the water.

“Mom, what do you see?” she asked pointing to this unusual tree.

After giving it a moment’s thought, I said, “A turtle head sticking out of the water.”

She replied, “Me too!”

My youngest son said it was as lizard. My oldest son said it kind of looked like a horse with a really short snout. My husband said we all had way more imagination than him. 🙂

While this log provided a fun family discussion on our creek exploration, it also created opportunities for a number of Intentergy lessons.

png 1 What do you see? Share this photo with family or friends and strike up a conversation that is based purely on nature and imagination. These can be terrific conversations.

png 1 Appreciate the opportunities nature provides us. If you can stand the heat or when it cools down, get outside. Walk. Journal. Photograph. Play. Nature is free and a wonderful gift to share with your loved ones.

png 1 Take a break from the obvious. Allow yourself to see something new in your surroundings. Whether it is finding fun shapes in the clouds or discovering beautiful new shades of color in the leaves, you are guaranteed to find inspiration and escape in allowing your outlook to change.

png 1 Learn from the different view points of others. When we talk about how we see things differently, we learn about one another and how to communicate effectively. Understanding different view points also develops healthier relationships and fosters kinder and more loving interactions.

Put some imagination and communication into your intents today. Positive energy is sure to flow and you may see things as you have never seen them before.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. I really do want to know what you see in that picture.




Catchin’ Crawdads

Catchin’ Crawdads

Catching Crawdads.jpg

One of the coolest parts of playing in the creek is catching crawdads. On our last creek excursion my husband, daughter, and son caught two crawdads, and you would have thought we discovered a new species. Well, I guess the crawdads were a new species to my kiddos, because they had never had one in their possession before.

As a kid I caught a few of the snappy, creek dwellers and I now harbor fond memories of trying to keep them alive in a big jar with water and rocks.

Crawdads are simple creatures. They hang out under rocks and wait for their food to float by. When something big enough is caught to share, they feed off one another’s catch.

They know all the good hiding places and forage for the simple floating foods.

When you catch a crawdad, they wriggle and try to pinch you with their claws and seek to return to their home of rocks and water. They probably do want to hurt you, but not because they are mean, but because they just don’t feel safe.

We are a lot like crawdads. Continue reading “Catchin’ Crawdads”

PJ’s in the creek = Mom of the Year for me

PJ’s in the creek = Mom of the Year for me

pj's in the creek.jpg

Yes, that is my son in his Paw Patrol jammies playing in the creek. Doesn’t he look so happy?

On an impromptu visit the creek, my kids found their way into the water. Slowly they “accidentally” got their toes wet. As Daddy and I were discussing the fence line, oops, their ankles got wet. Before you knew it, my oldest was up to her waist because a frog “scared” her into the water. 🙂

As the kids started splashing and finding tadpoles, crawdads, and seas shells, my husband and I enjoyed their laughter and listening to the remarks made about their nature discoveries.

It was as much fun for us to watch as it was for them to play.

Now to address my son’s pj’s.

It was a stay-at-home day and it had started out cloudy and rainy. Continue reading “PJ’s in the creek = Mom of the Year for me”