I Can Explain… – Wise Words Wednesday

I can explain it

“I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you.”

The hardest part of communication is when the sender expresses the message to best of his or her ability but the receiver cannot wrap their brain around what is being shared.

As a part of each week’s lessons, I include an article or example for my students to evaluate. They are then to respond to a prompt about the excerpt. In a recent journal assignment, I shared an article about research writing and the fact that your words should be the star of the paper and the sources are your supporting characters. I was very surprised to read the response of one student in particular.

Their response said that they had not understood their thoughts and words were to be the star. The student only thought they were supposed to use the words of others as they developed their paper.

Even though our first SIX weeks had been about what interested the students and what their potential thesis and counterarguments would be, that particular student failed to understand that it is the author’s words, thoughts, and opinions that make a paper relevant.

I started to reply to the journal entry with an apology for not being clear on the intent behind their research, but then I asked myself,

“Can I make them understand with an apology?”

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If You Don’t Read My Work, It Doesn’t Hurt My Feelings

Unhurt feelings

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Often when I mention my blog, people tune me out. That’s okay. Many times when I invite people to read my blog, they smile and say, “That sounds cool, but I don’t have time to read,” and then they tell me about something else they read on Facebook. It’s okay.

If you don’t read my posts, it doesn’t hurt my feelings.

I write for myself and for those who do need the messages I compose.

I write for the opportunity to share my experiences and the lessons learned in daily events.

I write for other educators and farmers. We have the toughest careers there are. Someone has to get our message out there.

I write for the moms and dads who find joy and frustration in the role of parent and hopefully provide comfort in knowing that we’re not alone in our parenting struggles.

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Life is a Hammock. Rock It! – Wise Words Wednesday

Life is a Hammock. Rock it! – Wise Words Wednesday

Life is a Hammock

Seriously, there is no end to the rocking of my hammock! Everyday I make a list of what I believe is a do-able amount of objectives. Everyday my list outgrows what I can do and I often find myself going to bed at 11:00 p.m. still reeling from the turns my day took.

png 1 Can you relate?

Hammocks are supposed to be relaxing and fun. Life is not relaxing and fun at times.

Often we are faced with choices we did not see coming. The choices that swing us in new directions are meant to teach us something. Life is a hammock. We have to rock it or rock with it.

Last night my son’s team had their first practice. I printed drills and an agenda for the coaches (hubby and buddy J.). I printed copies of the schedule for the team on blue paper (so it would stand out). All the gear was in a tub and sitting in the hallway (so we wouldn’t forget it). Supper was made early. All three kids were dressed in clothes for the ballpark, with socks and shoes on their feet!

Hubby came in 20 minutes before we needed to leave. He needed a shower and wondered if we needed keys for the supply closet at the field. 😦  After a quick phone call, a set of keys was located. All I had to do was go get them….wait a minute… my son couldn’t find his bat. Okay, I would drive to get the keys, while hubby showered and the kids sought out the bat.

I got the keys and returned home. Bat was found. Hubby was showered. Hubby couldn’t find his glove. We were already 2 minutes late to set up for practice. Continue reading “Life is a Hammock. Rock It! – Wise Words Wednesday”

Dog Days

Dog Days

Dog Days Bandit.jpg


On the hottest day of the year (so far), we brought home a puppy. We have wanted a puppy for a very, very long time but my husband and I told our kiddos that they had to show us they could be responsible enough and get along with each other enough to get a dog. I guess they have shown us (or I just really wanted a puppy and my husband finally gave in.)

Well, he is here! His name is Bandit and we LOVE him!

Due to the hot weather, Bandit has been pretty lethargic during the day. My children seem to be oblivious to the sweltering heat and want to play. I keep trying to explain to them that he is too hot and just needs to keep cool in the shade.

As the sun has gone down each evening, the puppy has grown increasingly playful and the kids are really enjoying their new friend.

Today I woke all three kiddos up extra early, so they could get some good play time in with Bandit before it got too hot.  The puppy was glad to have a distraction. (He is still missing his mama a little bit.) My kids were able to employ all the new toys they have bought for their furry friend. It was a wonderful way to start our day!

It was tough to get them going before 6:30 a.m. but definitely worth the extra effort.

There is a terrific lesson in consideration behind this story. We all need to have compassion and understanding when someone is feeling the “heat” of life.

When you encounter someone who is moving slow, is in your way, or distracted, consider what might be going on in their life that you can’t feel (like my children and their disregard for 99 degree temperatures). You may be able to provide that person with relief from their suffering or ease their discomfort with your kindness.

It might take a little extra effort but may make an even greater difference for those you encounter.

Take time before lashing out at those who are not doing things the way you want them done. Be patient with those who aren’t moving at the same speed you are. Be ready with a kind word or action for those you encounter who aren’t up for revelry and celebration. Offer a “cool” alternative for those who are not up to taking part in games or running with the pack.

If your intents are supported by compassion and consideration, your energy will provide a positively pleasing reassurance for those who are feeling “heat” from their life experiences. Be the cool kid! Show understanding and acceptance.

By: Melanie A. Peters