Life is a Hammock. Rock It! – Wise Words Wednesday

Life is a Hammock. Rock it! – Wise Words Wednesday

Life is a Hammock

Seriously, there is no end to the rocking of my hammock! Everyday I make a list of what I believe is a do-able amount of objectives. Everyday my list outgrows what I can do and I often find myself going to bed at 11:00 p.m. still reeling from the turns my day took.

png 1 Can you relate?

Hammocks are supposed to be relaxing and fun. Life is not relaxing and fun at times.

Often we are faced with choices we did not see coming. The choices that swing us in new directions are meant to teach us something. Life is a hammock. We have to rock it or rock with it.

Last night my son’s team had their first practice. I printed drills and an agenda for the coaches (hubby and buddy J.). I printed copies of the schedule for the team on blue paper (so it would stand out). All the gear was in a tub and sitting in the hallway (so we wouldn’t forget it). Supper was made early. All three kids were dressed in clothes for the ballpark, with socks and shoes on their feet!

Hubby came in 20 minutes before we needed to leave. He needed a shower and wondered if we needed keys for the supply closet at the field. 😦  After a quick phone call, a set of keys was located. All I had to do was go get them….wait a minute… my son couldn’t find his bat. Okay, I would drive to get the keys, while hubby showered and the kids sought out the bat.

I got the keys and returned home. Bat was found. Hubby was showered. Hubby couldn’t find his glove. We were already 2 minutes late to set up for practice.

We drove to the farm, got hubby’s glove from the truck and realized the tee-ball tee was not in the car. Aaauuugghh! At lightening speed we drove home, got the tee and went to the ball park. As we pulled into the ball park, hubby said a four-letter word (that I will not type). He forgot to turn off the feed line in the brooder house.

Hubby, daughter, and son jumped out. I threw the tub of tee-ball stuff at hubby. Daughter ran with the tee to the field. I sped back home. (It is a REALLY good thing we only live 8 minutes from the ballpark!) After turning off the feed line, I returned to the driver’s seat and realized the ballpark keys were still on my console!!! Aaaauuuuggghhhh!

Well my hammock was definitely upside down at this point. I rocked it back to the ballpark. At the park, all was well. Some dads were leading the warms up. Other parents helped put out the bases. Saintly mothers helped herd my youngest son to the playground. The rocking started to slow.

The boys’ first practice was a success. The coaches’ hammocks may still be swinging wildly this morning, but they hung in there. 🙂

After our first few hang ups, I could have jumped hammock and bailed on the whole situation, but with determination and a wonderful support system, I was able to ride out the crazy.

If you feel your hammock rocking a little too hard, hold tight. Stick to your intent. Stand steadfast. Know where to find good support. Life is a hammock. You have to rock it or rock with it.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. I don’t actually own a hammock. My life rocks enough.

P.P.S. Standing in a hammock may sound like fun, but it can also result in the opposite of fun.





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