Walking Between the Drops

Walking Between the Drops

Walk between the drops

The ability to walk between rain drops was a mystery explained to me in the 5th grade. Only angels can walk between the drops.

Between the church and elementary school I attended, there was a parking lot. On Tuesday and Friday mornings, all of the school children attended mass. On rainy days we would dash across that parking lot from school to church and back again.

From underneath the overhang of the rectory, Msgr. Huels used to taunt us with, “Only angels can walk between the drops.”

I never understood the meaning behind this jeer, but I knew I really wanted to be able to walk between those rain drops. I was secretly scared of Monsignor. His gravely voice and demeanor intimidated me.

In the spring of my 5th grade year, one of my classmates (who was not afraid) returned Monsignor’s taunt with, “Nobody can walk between the drops!”

I didn’t want to get wet, but I was also too scared to move away from the scene.

The growlly voice of the old priest snapped, “Those rain drops tell me who the little devils are.”

It was then that I heard Msgr. Huels laugh. My classmate laughed. I was too shocked to laugh.

png 1 How could angels walk between the drops?
png 1 How could my classmate ask such a daring question?
png 1 How did I not know Msgr. Huels was so funny?

From that day on I saw Monsignor in a new light, but I never forgot what he said about the angles walking between the drops.

None of us are perfect angels. No matter how hard we try, our humanity will be spotted. We will be splashed with imperfections and sometimes we will be soaked in our own goof ups.

Here’s the good news: While the evidence of our imperfections may make their mark, we are all forgivable and our goodness makes up the majority of what others see in us. Plus, sometimes is fun to be a little devil.Follow the rainbow

While you may not be able to walk between the drops today, keep your chin up and try to avoid the little devils that land on your shoulder. Don’t underestimate the relatability of those who may seem gruff and grumpy. It might just be their little devil showing through.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. I deeply regret not having known Monsignor Joseph Huels better. After his passing in 1993, I learned so many wonderful things about him from my classmates and teachers. Enjoy walking between the rain drops, Monsignor!


4 thoughts on “Walking Between the Drops

  1. Thank you for this post. It is really inspiring and uplifting to read. Personally I’ve never heard that saying before but I can ponder on it’s meaning . Have a great weekend!

    -Luna 🙂

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