A diamond under pressure

A diamond is a just a piece of charcoal that handled stress exceptionally well. – When we hit the middle of the week (or the semester for those academics out there), things can get pretty tough to handle.
This week don’t let the tension get to you. Shine under the pressure. Know when you need to take a break or when it is important for you to speak up. You never know who might be feeling the same or enduring even greater stressors around you.
I did some research about how diamonds form and, according to Smithsonian.com, diamonds are formed when carbon atoms bond under extreme heat and pressure. Those bonds are what give diamonds their strength and luminosity.  It takes billions of bonded carbon atoms to form a one carat diamond. Think how valuable just one stress-relieving bond could be for you.
If you are able to step away from your stressful situation, I bet you can see what elements bond you to the people who share your situation. Release some of that pressure by initiating a positive discussion, making a joke, bringing everyone in your department or class a cold bottle of water, or schedule a reward for yourself. If you make it through this, you celebrate with your own shiny or precious thing. Make it a dinner out, a car wash, a nap! Whatever is going to make you strong enough to get through this stressful time is what you need to set as your intention for yourself.
Shine, baby, shine! You are more than a diamond in the rough. You have Intentergy about you!

By: Melanie A. Peters

Source: Smithsonian.com


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