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Helium – As a kid I never sucked helium to make my voice go squeaky. I was too self-conscious about how it would make me sound. I really regret it now.
Today we have an apparent helium shortage, and I see stores with signs up apologizing for their inability to fill balloons because they can’t get any of the precious anti-gravity gas. Even one of my favorite tv shows, “The Big Bang Theory,” recently showed an episode where Leonard and Sheldon sought illegal helium for their research experiment because of its rarity.
This post isn’t about trying to get people to run out and buy helium tanks in a mass of panic and terror. It is about regret. Don’t let the helium in your balloon run out today. If there is something you have been saving for another day or an action you would like to take, but are afraid of sounding weird (not like chipmunk squeaky weird – but weirdo weird), GO FOR IT. NOW. Don’t let your opportunities run out.
You might find yourself soaring above the crowd or at least above your normal every day experiences. You might find a way for a new relationship to take flight or you might inflate your self-worth and confidence. Heck, you might even find a way to expand your dream or desire into a purpose that takes you beyond your original intent. Don’t let a precious opportunity blow past you!


By: Melanie A. Peters

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