Fouling Out

Fouling Out.JPG

Fouling out – In basketball you are allowed five fouls before you “foul out.” In grade school I was really good at fouling out. I loved blocking shots and getting rebounds, but my tenacity often led to infringing on the space of my opponents, earning me a whistle blow and a violation of some sort. I did NOT like fouling out. I did NOT like sitting on the bench. I did NOT understand something very basic about the game of basketball and life.

After one particularly bitter fifth foul fall out, my dad explained to me that fouling out wasn’t always a bad thing. He said, “It doesn’t bother me that you foul out. It shows that you are doing something. So don’t let it bother you so much.” Dad was right.

In life we are going to “foul out.” We have to accept and embrace that not every chance we go after will result in a positive score for us. It is absolutely necessary that we take each shot with the intent of releasing the best energy we can and hope for the greatest gain possible.

Remember this important cue from the court the next time you find yourself sitting on the sidelines. The game is still going. You just have to change the intent of your energy.

By: Melanie A. Peters


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