Rebounds – One of the best statistics in sports comes from the rebound.

In basketball a rebound occurs when a player misses a shot and that shot is immediately caught and put right back up, often times scoring points for the team.

Rebounds are a terrific part of life! They represent what happens when we make mistakes or our intentions are off the mark. Yeah, you missed. Yes, you did not get where you hoped to be. Absolutely, you failed in one aspect BUT there is always the rebound.

Pick yourself up and go for another shot. If a friend is the one who suffered a misfire, send them an assist of advice or a helping hand. So many of the little victories in life come from rebounding from mistakes and misdirection. Go for that second chance! Make things happen in a positive way with the pieces brought on by blunders. The rebound it a means for achieving something to celebrate.

By: Melanie A. Peters


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