Zone Defense for your Attitude

Zone Defense attitude

Zone Defense – Running a zone defense requires players to maintain control of their assigned area on the court. If an opposing player comes into your zone with the ball, your job is to stop them from passing or scoring. Zone defense is really hard to run and can be even harder to break.

I like to think of attitude as a zone defense. We can let the negative thoughts and words of others penetrate our zone and score against our outlook OR we can stop those downers before they have a chance to make an impact on us.

Today, if you find yourself crowded by grumpiness or fouled by foulness of others, put up your positivity defenses. Adopt a solid stance about how great your life is and set yourself in the assuredness of your intent to be satisfied, kind, and grateful. Surround yourself with a team that provides support and has your back when you feel like you are on the weak side of your defenses.  Build your zone with energy that strengthens not diminishes the awesomeness of your life.

By: Melanie A. Peters


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