The Assist

The Assist – In order to get an assist in basketball you have to give.


An assist takes place when one player passes the ball to another and the recipient scores a basket.

In life assists come in all shapes and sizes. They can come from emotional support or humor, or from financial help, or time dedicated. We can all be assist masters if we are willing to give just a little. I was responsible for a school wide assembly to bring attention to the yearbook. My yearbook staff and I were determined to make it great. There were going to be terrific sounds and sites at our assembly, but we quickly realized that it was going to take more than just the 13 of us to make it happen.

Fortunately my friends, P.E. teachers Brad and Dana, donated their time and resources to make it possible for our assembly to be a slam dunk. They allowed my staff to set up during their 6th hour class period and even directed their students on how to get everything in place. Brad served as our lighting specialist and was exceptionally gracious when we used his office to break a small-spaces record. Dana remained calm and made things happen with set construction and electrical support for our displays. They were wonderful! Brad and Dana will never know how much their assistance aided my staff and me. Their willingness to contribute to the success of our assembly made them MVP’s in my book.

Take time to assist someone in your life today. If you don’t see an opportunity to make a beneficial assist, give thanks to someone for a time that they created an opportunity for you. Remember assists can be quick and simple or they can be detailed and drawn out, but they all make a difference. Direct your energy to give meaningful assists and you will feel the impact a positive force pushing you forward.

By: Melanie A. Peters


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