With an Assist from Trisha

With an Assist from Trisha

Assist from Tricia 1

This spring hubby, with help of his buddy J., stepped up to coach our son’s tee-ball team. I inherited the job of secretary, scheduler, and equipment manager.

In struggling through scheduling and what information I needed to share with parents, I also wrestled with what equipment to purchase. After asking around I finalized my list and ordered a good tee-ball tee, 24 tee-balls, a box of band-aids, t-shirts for the team, and three new batting helmets. (We already had one helmet.)

Four helmets seemed like a good start for coach pitch. Helmets are expensive, as far as six year-old baseball gear goes, but six year-old heads are priceless.

I worried. (I worry a lot.) What if we had three runners on, one up to bat, and one on deck? This was clearly going to happen. What was I going to do? 

Like a tee-ball angel, my friend Trisha happened by one day and saw all the team gearAssist from Tricia 2 stacked in the corner. She asked if we could use any more helmets. Two years ago at a rummage sale, she bought a gear rack for her son’s team and the helmets came with it. We could have them if we wanted. (Seriously, a tee-ball angel!)

Last night Trisha brought the helmets to my house. (Tee-ball angel wings have been earned!) My kids had a blast trying them on while she and I visited. My heart was so happy to have more to protect our boys.

Here is the situation. Prayers are answered all the time. Angels show themselves to us when we least expect them. One man’s unneeded helmets are another man’s treasure.

If you find yourself in a situation of need, don’t be afraid to ask for help or accept assistance when it is offered. You will always have a chance to share kindness of your own. Secondly, if you have something to share (like baseball helmets), share! The gifts you give will reap tremendous rewards (and protect the heads of six year-olds).

png 1 Have you ever found yourself in a situation of need and were rescued? Or a situation where you were able to do the rescuing? Please share your story.

My friend saw the opportunity to share and she took it. Our team is very grateful and we look forward to the time when we can pass these helmets on to a new team.

Put your Intentergy into seeking what you truly need and sharing what you are blessed to have. You will hit a home run every time!

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. I do not have the power to grant angel wings, but if I did, I would give some to Trisha.





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