Opportunity to Share

Opportunity to Share

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We all like to share what is important to us. There is nothing better than having someone with which we can share.

Recently, I had the opportunity to share Intentergy at our local library. It was my second presentation on “Blogging from a Blogger’s Perspective.”

The coolest element to sharing my Intentergy experience is that I have the chance to ask people what their intent is. What is it that they want to make happen?

Not everyone who has attended my blogging presentation wanted to blog. In fact most wanted to write, share photography, grow an ebusiness, or just start something new. All of those intents are perfect for the Intentergy presentation because it is geared toward providing resources and motivation for people to take action towards their goals.

While sharing my blogging experience, I also get to talk about other bloggers who inspire me and that I have developed relationships with along the way. I have the chance to share the blogs of fellow bloggers, like my friends Gary (Fiction is Food), Amy (A Nenes Life), and fellow Missourian Dawn Liz Jones (Inspiration with an Attitude). I was able to use their blogs as specific examples of different genres and show how individuals who use the same WordPress tools can make such diverse media.

I was able to speak about one of my favorite blogs, Not a Terrible Mom, and how she protects her children and self by using pen names, but is still able to convey her hilarious and relatable messages about parenthood.

I am able share stories of support, such as the comments and messages from my friends Gary and James (Memories of a Time) as they continue to provide feedback and encouragement for my efforts. Blogging really is a social matter and there are many positive aspects.

During my presentation at the Osage County Library, Leslie shared that she has begun a photo My Missouir Backyardblog. Her intent is to encourage others to go outdoors, enjoy nature, and make memories with their loved ones. My intent is now to share her photo blog and join in on the fun! I encourage you to do so as well. Leslie’s blog is called My Missouri Backyard. Check it out on Facebook and share photos of your outdoor adventures.

The invitation to speak about my blog was a wonderful treat. To be invited back was a tremendous honor. It is my goal to continue to create Intentergy and hopefully share more with my community and those around me.

When presenting about Intentergy, my favorite quote is “There is always a gap between Presentation Quoteintent and action.” Taking the opportunity to share my blogging experience was my chance to put intent into action.

png 1 What is your intent? Please share what you would like to make happen in your life.

I hope you will find opportunities to share your intent or begin making your dreams realities. Take the leap. Find the resources. Apply the intent and energy. Once you discover ways to share what is important to you, opportunities to continue growing and sharing will present themselves to you.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. Thank you to the Missouri River Regional Library and Osage County Library for allowing me to share Intentergy.

P.P.S. Thank you to my mom for coming to both presentations. You rock!




6 thoughts on “Opportunity to Share

  1. Awesome Melanie. I was looking forward to hearing about your presentation and continue to be thankful that anything I say helps inspire or support what you do. I’m also amazed we only just connected on Twitter too!! Although that’s not relevant to your post!

    I’m going to check out the other bloggers you mentioned too. Can’t get better recommendations than a friend referral!

    Absolutely impressed with your presentation too. It’s both a scary and exciting thing to do at the same time. Kudos to you for doing it. Next time…Vlog it so we can all watch too 😊

    Reblogging this so it should appear on my FB author page, Twitter and Google Plus too 😊

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Not had chance to reblog it yet; my iPad doesn’t give me the full capability that my PC does. Its on my list of blog things to sort though 🙂 Facebook Live or you own YouTube channel !!! 🙂


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