Putting Us In Our Place – Wise Words Wednesday

Putting Us In Our Place – Wise Words Wednesday

In Our Place

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I am a horrible human being…

At least some of the time.

We all are.

Our kids, spouses, siblings, in-laws, and many, many others possess resounding powers to bring out the failure in us.

These failures lead us to dark and unhappy places. It is really tough to be put in these places and even tougher to move past them.

Here is the amazing news… we are not meant to stay in one place.

As human beings we are challenged to grow, move, and change all the time.

While I may want to duct tape my child into a grocery cart at times, most of the time I am more eager to entrap my darling with hugs.

While my words may come out wrong or uncomfortably when speaking to my in-laws or siblings sometimes, my usual intent is fueled by gratitude and appreciation. There are just so many emotions that pop up when it comes to family. Those pop ups can quickly put us in our place.

png 1 Have you ever felt like you were in “that place”? 

There are not any road maps or GPS to get us out of the uncomfortable or failing spots, but there is always hope for forgiveness and grace.

When you find yourself in “that place,” allow time and compassion to guide you past the feelings of failure. Breathe. Forgive yourself or the other person. Move past the problem with dignity and understanding.

I know I am not really a horrible human being, but sometimes I feel that way. We all do. Here is your personal reminder that you are not a horrible human being. You might just be in a bad place for now. 🙂 Put your Intentergy into moving forward and the brighter spots will be easier to find.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. I do not condone or recommend duct taping your child to a grocery cart. (Ever!)




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