Tick Stuck – Something Special from My Son

Tick Stuck – Something Special from My Son

Tick Stuck

Upon entering the house Monday after school, my son threw down his backpack, rummaged around for two small pieces of paper, and promptly waved them very closely to my face.

“Mom, look! One of them is really special.”

Here is what was on the two slips of papers:

Slip #1:  A treasure chest full of stickers for making good choices

Slip #2: A note from the school nurse with a tick taped to it; The note stated, “Removed tick from head, sent back to class; tick attached”

png 1 Can you see my conundrum? Which of these slips of paper was the “really special one” in the eyes of my six year old?

In my infinite mommy wisdom, I said, “Wow, buddy, that is so much awesomeness! Which one do you think is more special?”

His reply, “The treasure chest. The tick was just stuck in my head, so the 8th grade teacher helped me get it out, and then they taped it to the paper. Can I go outside?”

Well, there you have it.

My son valued his success in making good choices over a parasite. I am Mom of the Year!

DSC_0215.JPGHe left me standing in the kitchen with a treasure chest full of stickers and a nurse’s note with a tick. What was I supposed to do with that?

My mind quickly went to the teachers who helped my kiddo with his tick situation. Teachers are called to do things that are nowhere near their basic job description, in this case an 8th grade teacher was called on for parasite removal from the head of a kindergartner. Blessed are the flexible!

Secondly, my thoughts went to society. How in the world did we evolve into a society where people have to tape bugs to papers so that there is no liability in the case of illness after the bug is removed? That is just a crazy thing to have to worry about! Thank you, Mrs. S. for taping the tick to the paper. You are appreciated!

Thirdly, I was grateful that my son was secure enough to know that those teachers were there for him. He was SO comfortable with their service that he ran right back outside (maybe to get another tick for them to pull off). There is no greater feeling than seeing your child happy and safe. (Tick or no tick)

I guess the message I would like to leave you with today is one of humor and gratitude. Find joy in life, even if it is from a parasite. Find gratitude in life, even if it is from a parasite.  Joy and gratitude can be found in any situation if you just stick to your Intentergy.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. I do not encourage my children to get ticks on them. They are just naturally talented like that.

P.P.S. Thank you, Darlene and Rita, for this inspiration! Thank you, Lauren, for being a kindergarten teacher. (Kindergartners are crazy.)




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