Blessed are the Flexible – Wise Words Wednesday

Blessed are the Flexible – Wise Words Wednesday


Flexibility is necessary in life. Flexibility is a special virtue this time of year.

We work so hard to fit all of the holiday shopping, meals, programs, parties, and family functions in that we forget to be flexible. This forgetfulness can lead to some major fits of stress and missing holiday spirit.

Allow yourself some breathing room this month. Give yourself the gift of flexibility.

Give the gift of flexibility to others. Remember we are all suffering from the season. Show compassion and patience for those who “mess” with your plans.

Flexibility towards yourself and others will lead to much more fa-la-la-ing and much less bahumbuging.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. It’s ok to do some mental warm ups before you get too flexible. You wouldn’t want to pull anything before Christmas. Breathe deep… Focus… Flex!

3 thoughts on “Blessed are the Flexible – Wise Words Wednesday

  1. Dear Ms. Peters,

    Good morning. Your former student – Logan Veit – honored you by selecting RAK as his final speech to persuade in my public speaking class at Columbia College. The assignment was to select a not-for-profit organization and persuade the class to contribute their time and/or donate financially. You truly had an impact on his young life. I thought you would like to know. Have a blessed Christmas. And, as I end each class – I wish you –

    Peace and Love,

    David A. White, III

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    1. Hello David,
      Thank you for sharing this message! Logan is a terrific young man and my efforts with RAK were definitely enhanced by his presence. I appreciate your support and the opportunities your class provides your students. Have a wonderful holiday!
      – Melanie A. Peters


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