Elf Spotting and the Trouble that Follows

Elf Spotting and the Trouble that Follows


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Two years ago Chippy the elf showed up on our front porch. He made his magical appearance after my sweet daughter wrote a letter to Santa asking for one of his handy helpers to visit our home.

My husband and I were leery about this new holiday watchman but went with it. I mean how much trouble could one elf be???

After two years the magic of Chippy is alive and well, if you consider daily wrestling matches and crying fits over who found him first to be magical.

Seriously! Everyday there is a tremendous tumult over who finds Chippy first. It is so magical I need stronger coffee in the morning and extra melatonin at night to get past all the Christmas spirit his presence brings.

That silly elf has brought more trouble than I could have imagined, but he has also brought some humor to some pretty angry situations.

For example: In the  middle of one of their daily brawls, my daughter yelled out, “Get off my hair. Chippy sees you and he is going to tell Santa.” My son replied, “Good! Maybe Santa will bring you a new brush for your messy hair,” and continued torturing my little girl’s curls. The elf just kept smiling.

dsc_0851Another time I was doing my best to get my filthy minions (a.k.a. my darling children) into the bathtub. My youngest son tells me that I am mean and Chippy will tell Santa on me. I respond, “I’ll put that silly elf in the bath with you and wash off his Christmas magic, if you don’t get in the stupid tub.” This was followed up with three crying children rushing for the tub. The elf just kept smiling.

Chippy always smiles, no matter what he witnesses. I commend him for that, but sometimes I really want to wipe that silly smirk off his little elf face.

If there is an elf on your shelf, I commend you. I hope that the magic of your elf is happy and loving. I hope your elf brings joy and charity to your home, but mainly I hope your elf dsc_0838takes my elf back to the North Pole and puts good ol’ Chippy into elf retirement.

Just kidding. (sort of)

I hope that you are able to take a page from Chippy’s book and keep smiling through the fights and fits of each day. May each day provide new perspective for you, just as Chippy gains new perspective from his perch each morning. Hopefully, the magic of the season will allow you to enjoy childlike wonder and amazement at the miracles made known to you each day, just as my children seek out the daily surprise provided by our elf.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. I really do like the elf. (sort of)





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