Examine the Test at Hand

Examine the Test at Hand


Last week I supervised my first final exam at State Tech. It was an experience.

The final was scheduled from 8:00-10:00 a.m. in the Community Center.

I approached the Center at 7:45 a.m. (after making new copies of my final – Stupid typos!) There was a line of students in the lobby. My “teacher” status granted me immediate admittance in to the testing room (an auditorium also used for proms and wedding receptions). Tables, chairs, and five other instructors stood ready for the onslaught of eager exam-takers.

The other instructors had nice name tents marking the tables their students were to use. I did not. (Note to self: make name tents for spring final.)

After carefully selecting the last 4 available tables, I spread out my gear and waited for my students.

Upon receiving their finals, neither the huge group or the unfamiliar surroundings seemed to bother my super students. They just wanted to take their darn test.

  • Cut to the end of the final…

As each student completed his or her exam, they delivered it to their respective instructor and high-tailed it out of there. The exiting of the other students did not distract some still testing, but for other test takers, the agony was clearly growing. “When will I be finished with this stupid test?” was plainly visible on their faces.

Eventually, everyone finished. Each received congratulations and the knowledge that they had survived.

The experience of all those test takes is one that we can apply in our own lives. If you step back, observe the tests of those around you, and still continue to trudge forward, you will receive your own congratulations and sense of accomplishment.

While not all of life’s dilemmas provide four multiple choice options or require an essay, they all require that we attempt a resolution.

Today note that you and all those around you are facing your own test. Put your energy into finding your best answers and remember we are not all taking the same test. We won’t all finish at the same time, and we won’t all get the same grade.

By: Melanie A. Peters

P.S. Your grade does not depend on reading this post. It is based on how you apply the message.

P.S.S. A #2 pencil was used to draft this post.


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