Celebrating Month-a-versaries

Month-a-versaries –

Happy 1 month-a-versary to Intentergy!


Intentergy logo created by the amazing and talented Sonya Walker


Today marks one month since I hit that fateful “Publish” button and my Intentergy journey officially began. Sharing my posts has been a therapeutic and joyful experience, but has also been very humbling and created  feelings of vulnerability. I think this is normal of all those who write and I have faith that I can handle it.

I am especially grateful to all of my friends and family who have read and commented to me about my posts!!! Thank you!

Hopefully this month-a-versary is just the first of many.

It is my intent to encourage all of you to take on something that gives you pride and excitement. Please share my messages with those who could benefit their perspectives. I hope that the positivity in these posts will brighten and better the everyday lives of those who enjoy them.

Please go out and make your Intentergy count today!

By: Melanie A. Peters


2 thoughts on “Celebrating Month-a-versaries

  1. You are on the right path, keep it up. It occurs to me every time I post a blog I release part of my self. Like an onion pealing…and my eyes are always watery… unknown to the readers and fans but now they know…another shell down…

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