Season’s Greetings from Spring

Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall – enjoy them all!
Mary flowers (1).jpg

Today take time to notice and give thanks for one element that makes up this miraculous season. Be it the plants, the fresh air, or the sounds that only this season’s nature brings (i.e. crickets chirping, leaves rustling, rain on the roof top, the crunch of snow underfoot.)



Look, listen, live, and love the uniqueness of this time of year. Do something that makes this season kinder to others. Sweep snow from your neighbor’s walk, hold an umbrella for a stranger, rake leaves for your church or school, clean up the local park. Be a part of the beauty of this season.

Season’s greetings!

signs of spring (1)

Green starting to pop as my mums make their spring debut.

By: Melanie A. Peters

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