Witnessing the Temporary

Witnessing the temporary – Enjoy beautiful things while they last and look forward to their return.

Mary Pat flowers (6)1

Spring is a fleeting time. We all moan and groan for winter to hurry up and be gone, but then spring gets here and we want to wish it away, eager for summer’s sunshine and warm temps. There are so many things about spring that really need to be celebrated and cherished for their brevity. The blooms of early spring are so precious and delicate. Those little green leaves that poke through the brown remains of last fall’s foliage give us a little shot of refreshment from the grays of winter. The first tree frogs chirping and the first pesky flies flying are all signs of change.

We need to let those little signals fire up an appreciation for what is happening around us. Let your appreciation for the short-term scenery inspire a fresh look at each day’s experience.

Apply that fresh approach in your daily attitudes and the positivity can’t help but spring forward.

By: Melanie A. Peters


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