Dis-Clover Love Naturally

Dis-clover love naturally

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Today many of us celebrate St. Patrick and the lessons he taught. St. Patrick was a terrific visionary. He is credited with divine clarification about the Holy Trinity through his explanation about God’s creation of the clover. St. Patrick explained to the Irish faithful that God, His son, and the Holy Spirit are all entities within the Trinity, just as the three leaves of the clover make it whole. He was also able to explain how God’s love for us is as natural as the ties that bind the clover leaves or the Trinity.

We are all created with a special purpose. We need to seek out the natural goodness within ourselves and the explanations that reveal themselves in the world around us. Disclover love naturally (1)These connections will allow us to have a stronger faith, love, and understanding of just how wonderfully our world is intertwined. Awareness of our connection to all of God’s creations can only enhance the energy behind our intents.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


By: Melanie A. Peters


2 thoughts on “Dis-Clover Love Naturally

  1. It is great how you can find symbols like this where ever you are. These connections may make it easier to understand situations in life that just don’t make sense.

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