March on in

March on in – Walk, run, march, strut, saunter, trudge, move

March in your style

No matter how you choose to march your way through life, make it count. March to the beat that best fits you.

My three-year-old has the BEST running motion ever. When he moves you can see the joy he feels as he kicks his little size 9’s into gear. He is smiling, his chin is out, his arms are swinging, and his legs are turning in directions that don’t look normal. He is MOVIN’.

I wish everyone could move with that same assuredness and joy. It would be so great if every time we took a step we did a little mental jig or our hearts would tap out a signature thump. Today take a moment to be grateful for you own personal gait. Consider what it is about you that makes you move or motivates you in your own special way. Put some intentional energy into your step and march right on up to your greatest potential. 

By: Melanie A. Peters


3 thoughts on “March on in

  1. This is especially helpful when burdened with challenges whether it be school work or social life. Keeping a smile on your face and a pep in your step will always get you through the day.

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