Sprinkles – proof that little things can be great

sprinkles spilled

It never fails. When a dessert has sprinkles on top, you want it. Those little sugary specks make the treats that much more tempting. Other than texture, sprinkles don’t really change the dessert (usually), but they do something to enhance the appeal.

Sprinkles are like kind acts. They don’t take much to make a difference.  Try opening a door for someone, sending an encouraging e-mail, cupcake sprinklespicking up trash in the hallway, folding and putting away laundry. Any of these simple acts can  embellish the day for those around us.

Spread some cheer or add some color to your intentions today. Sprinkle those you encounter with bits of brightness, kindness, and positive energy. Make this day extra sweet (with sprinkles on top).

By: Melanie A. Peters




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