Jelly beans

Jelly beans – Magic beans?

Jelly beans

I love that jelly beans are one of the traditional treats of the Easter season. Easter is the time of year when we celebrate miracles. The miracle of spring. The miracles of light and life. The miracle of Christ’s resurrection. So what does this have to do with jelly beans?

Well, beans are a type of seed. Miracles make seeds grow. Seeds grow into fruitful things. Fruitful things are what make the world go round. (i.e. jelly beans plant happiness with their sugary goodness.)

It is fun to think of those colorful, sugary seeds as sweet starts to the season. They are almost magical in the way their flavors and colors blend together.

Similarly we each bring something special to the table. We all have our own color and tastes. We all have the power to start something new. We are all a part of the celebration of each day’s miracle. So, in many ways we are like jelly beans. Colorful. Fruitful. Magical.

Put your jelly bean magic to work today. Give your energy a sweet intent and miracles can happen.

By: Melanie A. Peters


2 thoughts on “Jelly beans

  1. I just sat down with a couple of jelly beans in my hand when I checked emails. There it was, your post. I had to smile:)

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