Sidewalk Chalk – the great restart

Sidewalk chalk – the great restart

sidewalk chalk (3)

Creative expression at work


Sidewalk chalk is wonderful! Your drawings can be big, bold, beautiful, wacky or simple. Sidewalk chalk possesses limitless creative potential (just like you).

The chalk is enviable in its ability to blend, conceal, or brighten. The best part though is that you can always start new. Sidewalk chalk washes away with the slightest rain or a quick spray from the garden hose. It is this re-freshability that makes it the best. Often mistakes happen in our daily activities and we wish we could wash them away. Here’s the good news. Each new day is like that sidewalk chalk. Our errors and missteps fade in the night, and we get a clean slate to start with in the morning.

Today do not worry so much about the picture perfect day. Worry about missing the small details and enjoy the opportunities that are present. Go crazy with your colorful interjections. Extend your boundaries of kindness and consideration. Widen the brush stroke of the positive mark you make on those you encounter. Put your energy into a glorious intent of positivity and there is no grander picture!

By: Melanie A. Peters


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