Taking candy from your babies

Taking candy from your babies

stolen candy.jpg

All moms and dad do it. We sneak into our precious little one’s Easter baskets and Halloween bags and slip out a holiday sweet. We do this on the sly knowing they will never notice ONE little piece missing.

Okay, I know stealing is a sin and very unethical, but I think there are healthy benefits to stealing candy from our own babies.

  1. We, the parents, get chocolate. Chocolate makes us happy. Happy mama = happy home.
  2. Our children are not consuming as much sugar. Less sugar = less crazy kids (i.e. less crazy parents)
  3. We are earning back all the candy our parents snuck our out childhood candy stashes. (Of course the irony is that our parents are usually the greatest contributors to today’s candy stashes. To be discussed in future posts.)
  4. Candy tastes good.
  5. Candy tastes good.

I know there were a few reasons that appeared more than once, but most parents are repeat offenders so I felt the need to cover ALL their guilty infractions.

I guess the intent of today’s post is to remove the guilt of  thieving moms and dads everywhere. Please forgive yourselves and have a snack-size Snickers for me.

By: Melanie A. Peters



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