Drinking from funny mugs

Drinking from funny mugs

funny coffee mugs.JPG

Anytime you can drink from a mug or cup that makes you smile, it makes the beverage much more enjoyable.

I LOVE my “I drink coffee for your protection” mug because it is so true. Coffee is definitely my go-go juice. When I drink from that mug, I feel like I have fully warned the day of my power and my willingness to protect those around me from the havoc I could cause.

My hope for you is that you have a favorite mug or cup to make your drinks extra delicious. Find pleasure in something as simple a smiley face straw or a cobalt blue wine goblet.

Enjoy having something that is uniquely you and offer a signal to your day that you are ready to take it all in.

Get your energy from your glorious glass and you will find a more positive perspective awaits.

Please share a picture of your favorite mug, cup, glass, or tumbler and add some joy to this post!

By: Melanie A. Peters



2 thoughts on “Drinking from funny mugs

  1. Hhmm, I’m not sure how to add a photo in the comments section but you can see my bumble bee mug in my Sunday Coffee post. I also like my baby penguin mug. I look forward to mornings just for my coffee!

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