Gray Bath Water

Gray Bath Water

Gray bath water.jpg

After a long hard evening of swinging, sliding, climbing, and digging in the pea gravel of the playground and ball park, my kids are filthy. Happy, but filthy.

The first thing we do when we get home from the ball park is run the bath water and watch the grimy goblins turn back into my children.

Their transformation results in sweet-smelling, soft, and cuddly snuggle buddies and one very large tub of gray bath water. While that water is gross, it is also a reminder that my kids had the opportunity to be kids today. I am proud and excited that we got outside and moved and played. I realize how blessed we are to live a community where my children are safe to play in the dirt and make memories with their friends. I am grateful that my babies are healthy and happy (and hopefully tired after all that play 🙂 ).

While gray bath water might seem an unlikely thing to be grateful for, I truly am excited that tonight my tub was full of it and that the dirt that turned it gray came from the little people who make my family complete.

Play in the dirt today. Or let your kids play in the dirt. As you wash away the remnants of play, be thankful for the opportunity of play and adventure.

Don’t forget to see the symbolism in that gray water. Washing away the dirt and grime of the day, allows you to find your sweet self again and prepare anew for adventures yet to come.

By: Melanie A. Peters



3 thoughts on “Gray Bath Water

  1. Awww, I love getting dirty in the garden with my grand daughter. And love giving her a bath just as much, such great memories are made with both! Love your message

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