Dirt Don’t Hurt

Dirt Don’t Hurt


The expression, “God made the dirt and dirt don’t hurt,” is one that I have heard a lot since childhood. Now that I am doing my darndest to provide my children with a quality upbringing, I have to let the dirt fly sometimes.

This spot of loose sand and dirt brought so much joy to my three kiddos (and the puppy), while hubby and I took care of a water and weeds problem. Too many weeds, too little water for the cows.

They loved making mountains out of the powdery gravel and watching it filter through their fingers and toes. Pretending to cast spells and watching their sandy smoke fall was another magical practice. Seeing how dusty they could get our poor dog was another favorite challenge. While the dirt was flying, so were their imaginations and laughter. It felt so good to watch them be KIDS.

“NO,” and “Don’t do that,” or “Stop it” seem to phrases that fly from my mouth all too often. It was so therapeutic to be able to allow carefree fun to rule their play. There weren’t any tv’s, cell phones, or computers fueling this moment. They didn’t have any fancy toys or gadgets to get the fun going. Heck, they didn’t even have shoes. It was a perfect, late summer evening. The conditions were just right for running barefoot and getting dirty. I lead to plenty of gray bath water that night, but it was so worth it.

When was the last time you allowed yourself to get dirty? I know that sounds like a loaded question, but I am asking in healthy honesty here. When was the last time you let yourself go and just have fun? When did you let the simple pleasures of life determine your next inspiration? When did you forget about appearances and reputations and let your spirit soar with whatever breeze blew your way?

Please make time for yourself and find it in your heart to allow those you love some “dirt” time. We are not made to be perfect, but we are made to enjoy perfection. If a moment presents itself for innocent, healthy, relaxing, and maybe messy fun, take it! Run with it!

Put your energy into enjoying the simple moments that life has to offer. Focus your intents on the innocent opportunities that allow us to appreciate nature and the most basic of elements around us. Like that fine dust, let your laughter float freely and your spirit soar with the simplicity of just being happy to be here.

By: Melanie A. Peters

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