Advice From Cavers

Advice From Cavers


This sign hangs in the Visitors’ Center at Onondaga Cave State Park near the entrance of the Onondaga Cave.

The message is simple. It asks those that visit the cave to make memories there and not destroy future opportunities for others.

I love this message!

It is a terrific reminder that when we slow down, capture moments in our hearts, and appreciate what is in front of us, we leave opportunity for the future.

When we treat opportunities, like the ones provided by the caves with respect and appreciation, we present ourselves with greater understanding of what miracles are available to us. By dedicating time to experience what is beautiful in our world, we make our lives more beautiful. queens-throne-room

The memories we made visiting that cave are so special to me. My children and husband love talking about what we saw and did.It was a fantastic experience. I am excited to visit more caves so that we can compare and reminisce on what we  have seen and done. I like to think that these explorations will leave happy and memorable footprints on the hearts of my family.

Today take time to reminisce on fond memories of your own or make new ones with someone you love. Leave a positive footprint where you tread and make sure the time you kill is well spent.



My son checking out the newest formations in the Lilly Pad Room at Onondaga Cave

By: Melanie A. Peters



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