Prayer Bridge – Wise Words Wendesday

Prayer Bridge – Wise Words Wednesday

Prayer BridgeConversations with God come in many forms. Some are in the form of thanksgiving and gratitude. Others stem from sorrow or sickness. Most prayers come in times of desperation.

If you find yourself in desperate need of God’s intervention, by all means call on His infinite power and grace. Seek His assistance and guidance. Know that He is capable of healing all that hurts you.

Build those bridges out of need, trust and, hope, but also create pathways of praise and thanks. The more you connect with God, the less you will find yourself in those frantic fits.

If you open up your life to God, the road will not always be smooth, but it will be easier to redirect yourself to His grace and help.

Build those bridges with intent and energy, and you will find that the purpose for your communication with God refreshes and restores you more often than it rescues you.

By: Melanie A. Peters


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