A Daily Sign

A Daily Sign

Daily Sign.jpg

A few years ago my very good friend Erica gave me a sign that would provide what I needed to get going each day. I LOVE this sign!

Most of the time the sign simply stands on my dresser as decoration but there are days when I stop and rearrange the tags based on the challenges that my day holds. Sometimes I select the tags based on what I believe will help my husband through his day. Other times my children enjoy adding the tags they think we need.

There is something novel about the idea of giving yourself what you need for the day. As the sign reads, “Take what you need today,” I think it would be helpful if we each started our daily journey with the emotional tags we might need.

I know not everyone can have a cool tag sign like mine, but everyone can start each morning or job by taking a moment and in your heart and mind prepare yourself with courage, care, creativity, strength, patience, peace, or whatever virtue you need. 

You have the power within yourself to find these graces in your heart and mind. If you look for them, they will manifest themselves when you need them most.

Be a daily sign for others. If you show compassion, faith, or peace others will be able to benefit from the energy you put forth. You won’t have to hang a tag on your shirt for them to know how your strengths are being used, it will show in your words and actions. Put your purpose into being a sign that shows patience, joy and laughter, or creativity and those you encounter cannot help but demonstrate those same qualities. Your intent has to be clear or your sign will not shine. Post yourself as a daily positive sign and show others the way to share in your greatness.

By: Melanie A. Peters




9 thoughts on “A Daily Sign

  1. Lately I feel like I’ve been surrounded by negative energy and a lot of it. Being a highly sensitive person it wears me down and it’s these times where I need to be alone to recharge. I read positive books, articles, try meditation and being still just to absorb the goodness. That’s a cool sign and would be fun to play with but you’re right I have it within myself to find those things. I kinda needed this, thank you.

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  2. Love this sign. I need one, though every day I’d be taking the patience card!!! I wrote scrioture verses about patience/not being angry on construction paper and stuck them up ariund my house. Looks like a bad kid’s art project but totally helps. Yours is a much classier version. 🙂

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    1. Yes, patience is displayed most of the time. My daughter made one of these signs for herself with construction paper and tape but the daily gifts she chose were much cuter than mine. 🙂

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