first blooms

first blooms

first blooms (1).JPG

First blooms on Joseph’s Coat rosebush

These blooms are particularly special to me because they are on my Joseph’s Coat climbing rosebush. Next to this bush stands a statue of St. Joseph (a gift in remembrance of my husband’s Grandpa Joe). When I planted this bush last year, it was nothing but brown branches. By the end of fall it had sprung a few green branches and leaves but showed no sign of bringing forth the multi-colored flowers that I had seen on other Joseph’s Coat bushes.

When these blooms open, they will possess petals of yellow, peach, and pink. They will grow a rainbow in each flower. They are one of the miracles of plant husbandry and science. Now I just have to keep them alive. 🙂

My Joseph’s Coat roses are like so many of life’s situations. We hope and pray that the opportunity to flower will be there, but we have no idea what it will look like when it gets here or how big it will be or how beautiful it will become or how hard it will be to care for.

Today is one of those blooms. I have the entire day to spend with my husband and kiddos (thanks to the sacrifices we celebrate of those who gave their lives for our county). The weather forecast looks great and the list of things we would like to do is long. I just hope that we are able to put positive energy into each of our adventures and watch them bloom in to fabulous, multi-faceted memories for my family.

Be your own new bloom today. Be ready to open up into something that is spectacular and unexpected. Find a way to put energy into producing a day that shows what positivity and potential can create.

Even if you are not able to fully open a bloom of possibility, begin to let its benefits grow in your life, and once those efforts reach the height of their potential, you will have an amazing product to show for all the intent and energy you dedicated to that start. Grow into the beautiful, multi-faceted individual that is inside you and your natural awesomeness will show for all.

By: Melanie A. Peters




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