“The Pissy Prayer”

All too often I’ve heard that if you pray for patience the Lord will test it. I take pride in the patience I feel towards children, animals, and tedious tasks. I’m not always so patient with laziness, meanness, and ignorance.

Lately, I have witnessed laziness and unkindness in amounts exceeding my limits. In spite, of my prayers for peace, grace, and patience, the will to tolerate such selfish behavior has had me thinking about an alternative intent for my prayers.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m still asking the Lord to help the flawed human race find peace, generosity, and compassion, but every once in a while, I want to pray “The Pissy Prayer.”

Now this isn’t a prayer sanctioned by any church or liturgical governing body, but it is one that I think a lot of us could benefit from. (I made “The Pissy Prayer” up myself.)

The Pissy Prayer
By Melanie A. Peters

Dear Lord,

Grant me permission to be pissy about insignificant things that others blow way out of proportion.

Grant me fussiness when friends and family fail to recognize and appreciate all the blessings you have bestowed upon them.

In your most holy name, I ask that you help me through this hissy fit and guide me as I lose my good and capable mind over whatever has worked its way into my heart.

But most of all, Lord, grant forgiveness for my imperfections, because that’s what I need to feel and demonstrate in this most imperfect world.


I know what you are thinking.

This sounds a bit blasphemous.

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The Hands of Time are Not Ours


As I enjoyed my recent hair appointment, my hairdresser Abby inspired me (per the usual) with what she had to say about how silly people are sometimes.

Abby is expecting her first child in March.
(She is going to be an amazing mom!)


Abby shared with me that many have expressed distress at her nonchalant manner for addressing when the baby comes and how she is going to handle the demands of her hair clients. She has already made plans to stop taking appointments around her due date and has set an ideal timeline for her return. She has not allowed herself to stress too much if the baby comes early or is a little late. Abby knows that babies come when they are ready and her hope is to be as ready as she can be without letting the trims, perms, and highlights of her customers put a damper on the delivery.

“God has a way of reminding us it’s not in our hands. It’s all in His timing,” Abby told me, “He has sent me that reminder many times.”

Her words rang true to me and reverberated with the wisdom of Ecclesiastes 3:11
He has made everything beautiful in its time.
He has also set eternity in the human heart;
yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.

These words are embossed on the cover of the journal I used to document my experiences as hubby and I embarked on our journey through fertility treatments, loss, and my unexpected and completely natural pregnancies that resulted in the three crazy kiddos we have today. God really does have beautiful timing. Continue reading “The Hands of Time are Not Ours”

Come back when you have a real problem…

Come back when you have a real problem…

Real Problems (11).JPG

A few weeks ago a rock hit my passenger side window and chipped it. Immediately two long cracks forked away from the chip and spread to the outside of the window. Bummer!

I called around to get quotes for a replacement and the lowest bid came from the same dealership that I purchased my car. This surprised me a little because in my experience dealership body shops are not always known for having the best prices.

Well, the first replacement came in, and I arranged for my best friend to pick my kids and I up for a playdate while it was repaired.

Shortly after we left the shop, my cell phone rang. It was the body shop. The replacement glass was cracked just as badly as my existing glass and they would have to get another one. The gentleman from the shop was so apologetic and so nice. I felt worse for him than me because at least I got to hang it with my best friend; he had to tell a customer that he couldn’t finish a job when it was promised to be done.

A few days later the second glass came in and I arranged to bring in my car and have it installed. For this appointment I brought my entire briefcase with me. Pens, notepads, computer, phone, and a list of things to take care of while the body shop did their thing.

I had returned exactly three texts and two emails when the technician came back in and said I was ready to go.


Ready to go? I hadn’t even looked at my to-do list!

He said they were happy to get me back on the road and apologized again for not being able to fix it the week prior. I told him I appreciated him.

He said, “Hey. No problem. Come back when you have a real problem for me to fix.”

I thanked him again and repacked my briefcase so I could get back to work. As I drove away, I could not get past what he said about having a “real problem.”

Too often we view daily set backs as “real problems” when there is a very simple solution, if we are willing to be patient for it. I would also like to believe that my willingness to work with them on getting the replacement made it easier to fix my not-so-real problem.

Today I hope any problems you have are not “real problems.” If you do face a “real problem,” one that threatens your life or happiness, I hope that the resources are there for you to find the solution or resolution.

Put your energy into solving issues that arise with positivity and patience. Make your problems possibilities and you will find yourself smiling at real successes instead of “real problems.”

By: Melanie A. Peters





first blooms

first blooms

first blooms (1).JPG

First blooms on Joseph’s Coat rosebush

These blooms are particularly special to me because they are on my Joseph’s Coat climbing rosebush. Next to this bush stands a statue of St. Joseph (a gift in remembrance of my husband’s Grandpa Joe). When I planted this bush last year, it was nothing but brown branches. By the end of fall it had sprung a few green branches and leaves but showed no sign of bringing forth the multi-colored flowers that I had seen on other Joseph’s Coat bushes.

When these blooms open, they will possess petals of yellow, peach, and pink. They will grow a rainbow in each flower. They are one of the miracles of plant husbandry and science. Now I just have to keep them alive. 🙂

My Joseph’s Coat roses are like so many of life’s situations. We hope and pray that the opportunity to flower will be there, but we have no idea what it will look like when it gets here or how big it will be or how beautiful it will become or how hard it will be to care for. Continue reading “first blooms”