Come back when you have a real problem…

Come back when you have a real problem…

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A few weeks ago a rock hit my passenger side window and chipped it. Immediately two long cracks forked away from the chip and spread to the outside of the window. Bummer!

I called around to get quotes for a replacement and the lowest bid came from the same dealership that I purchased my car. This surprised me a little because in my experience dealership body shops are not always known for having the best prices.

Well, the first replacement came in, and I arranged for my best friend to pick my kids and I up for a playdate while it was repaired.

Shortly after we left the shop, my cell phone rang. It was the body shop. The replacement glass was cracked just as badly as my existing glass and they would have to get another one. The gentleman from the shop was so apologetic and so nice. I felt worse for him than me because at least I got to hang it with my best friend; he had to tell a customer that he couldn’t finish a job when it was promised to be done.

A few days later the second glass came in and I arranged to bring in my car and have it installed. For this appointment I brought my entire briefcase with me. Pens, notepads, computer, phone, and a list of things to take care of while the body shop did their thing.

I had returned exactly three texts and two emails when the technician came back in and said I was ready to go.


Ready to go? I hadn’t even looked at my to-do list!

He said they were happy to get me back on the road and apologized again for not being able to fix it the week prior. I told him I appreciated him.

He said, “Hey. No problem. Come back when you have a real problem for me to fix.”

I thanked him again and repacked my briefcase so I could get back to work. As I drove away, I could not get past what he said about having a “real problem.”

Too often we view daily set backs as “real problems” when there is a very simple solution, if we are willing to be patient for it. I would also like to believe that my willingness to work with them on getting the replacement made it easier to fix my not-so-real problem.

Today I hope any problems you have are not “real problems.” If you do face a “real problem,” one that threatens your life or happiness, I hope that the resources are there for you to find the solution or resolution.

Put your energy into solving issues that arise with positivity and patience. Make your problems possibilities and you will find yourself smiling at real successes instead of “real problems.”

By: Melanie A. Peters






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