Summer’s Downhill Slide



Summer’s Downhill Slide

Downhill summer.jpg

Summer fun going fast.

My daughter recently discovered how much fun it is to ride her bike down the hill of our drive way. She hasn’t mastered riding her bike up it, but, boy, can she ride down it!

As I watched her ride down for the second time the other day, I realized I was witnessing moments of fleeting fun. How long will she shout out, “Watch me, mama!”? How long will it be before she isn’t excited about that hill or her bike anymore? How long before the muggy, summer days start to shorten and the chill of fall sends us in early?

I know. I know. Summer is just getting started.

I thought this would be a great time to remind everyone to slow down and enjoy it because, like those rapid rides down the driveway, another summer will be in the history books too soon and we will be asking, “Where did the time go?”

Have some cold lemonade or popsicles on the porch. Catch some fireflies. Eat some watermelon and have a seed-spitting contest. Run through the sprinkler. Enjoy the smell of fresh cut grass or marvel at the rows of newly bundled hay bales. Create a masterpiece with sidewalk chalk. Feast on fresh garden vegetables. Take twilight walks and be serenaded by the crickets. Count the stars of the nighttime sky. Ride a bike down that big ol’ hill.

Make summertime last in your heart and memories.

By: Melanie A. Peters


7 thoughts on “Summer’s Downhill Slide

  1. Good grief…it seems an age since I caught a post in my reader from you such us that pace they fly past….my humble apologies for absentia…time is a bad bad enemy !!

    Lovely post and has me nostalgic for summers past as a child myself…alas 4 days in here and rain seems to be the order of business….still early days yes 😇

    Hope alls well and again apologies for the absence 👻

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      1. You’re very welcome…I’ve got a bit behind recently so if I miss posts it’s not deliberate…feel free to mention this in future 😊 Hope alls well in your world 🙃

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  2. Reblogged this on Intentergy and commented:

    After another speedy summer break, I revisited this post from 2016 and the sentiments still ring so true. I hope you can relate to this message of summer and its downhill slide. Enjoy your summer and I wish you a happy autumn.


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