Farewell to Non-Fiction (for a while)

Farewell to Non-Fiction (for a while)

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Reading non-fiction has always made me feel smarter. I have not always liked reading non-fiction because I found it to be dry and uninteresting, but for the last six months I have been drawn to biographies, self-help, and historical books. These books definitely educated me on the lives, events, and ideas they captured, but something was missing.

On a recent get-away with my best friend, I read an autobiography and a blogging guide. She read one and a half romance novels. I liked my autobiography and made some great notes on how to improve my blog from the manual. When we discussed what we were reading, it was clear that her reading was much more stimulating for relaxation and imagination. As we discussed her books, I brought up books that I had read in the past I thought she would enjoy, and she recommended a few to me. I realized I missed fiction.

It is time for me to take a break from non-fiction. My brain needs an escape from reality. In the last week I have already plowed through one Nora Roberts novel and a Linda Lael Miller book. My aunt recommended titles from Jodi Piccoult and Sandra Brown. This break from the stark realities of history and technical advice should do my synapses some good.

Consider doing the same for yourself. Turn off CNN or the talk shows. Turn on to something fun and imaginative. Pick up a book, tell ghost stories around a camp fire, color pictures with your kids, paint a painting, play with play-do. Give yourself a vacation from the cold facts of the evening news and soften your heart with creative words and comfortable interactions.

I know I will find my way back to the world of biographies and history soon, but for now I am excited to unravel unreal mysteries and build relationships with the fictional friends only found in books.

Give yourself some time to unwind from the world and release energy from the works and writings of those who know how to tell a great story. It is healthy to let your mind wander every once-in-a-while. You can always reel it back in when you need to. Say, “farewell, non-fiction, if only for a little while.”

By: Melanie A. Peters




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