Cabarnet and Killing Flies

Cabernet and Killing Flies

Cabarnet and catching flies.jpg

Last Tuesday my husband took the kids out for a ride on our Pioneer, while I cleaned up dinner. After the dishes were done, I poured myself a glass of wine and was ready to enjoy a few quiet moments. There was a problem though. My moment was NOT quiet. There were flies buzzing around my kitchen and living room. 😦

This season the flies have been terrible. I don’t know why, but they have been terrible.

So I took my glass of Cabernet, grabbed the fly swatter, and began my hunt. With each fly I killed, I took a sip of my wine. It ended up being very therapeutic. In fact it was so therapeutic, I wrote about it in a Facebook post.

Before I knew it I had more comments and “Likes” than I had dead flies. About the time the comments started coming in, my husband returned with my kiddos. I hopped in the Pioneer to join them for an evening ride and to check the cows. When I got back, over 100 people had “Liked” or commented on my post about drinking wine and killing flies. It was pretty amusing.

The best part about my post was how many people wanted to join in my hunt. I am not sure if they were more attracted to the fly killing or the wine drinking, but they wanted to share in my new found pastime. A friend told me later that she was just glad I was taking some time for myself. Poor flies. They had to die at the expense of my relaxation.

(Forget the flies. They bug me!)

So here’s the Intentergy message for today. If you have a chance to do something you enjoy (like drinking wine) and you can do it while being productive (like killing flies), do it.

Put your intent into making progress while enjoying the process. Jam out to your favorite music while you clean. Sing to your plants as you weed the garden. Jog or run while taking care of your favorite pet. Eat a chocolate for each sink of dishes that you wash. Tell jokes to your kids as you sweep the porch. Make light of your tasks and your work will definitely weight you down much less.

By: Melanie A. Peters






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