Share, please

Share, please


JC Rock found at Shiver Me Ice Cream in Linn, MO. JC Rocks is a community activity where people decorate and hide rocks to bring fun into the lives of those who find them.

Sharing is hard. Letting go of something we really like or giving someone time with our favorite items can be very challenging. Telling people how we feel or what we think is another way that sharing is tough. Donating our money or time are wonderful ways to share, but again, oh so hard.

Once we start to share freely, sharing comes so much more easily. It takes away from the unnecessary attachment we give to “things.” Whether those things are toys, money, clothes, time, or words, they are still just “things.” We must find a way to give value to what is really important.

When we allow ourselves to share our time or treasures our lives become so much richer.

6 Monthaversarie.pngSix months ago I set out to share positive daily messages. While I have not succeeded at sending a message via Intentergy every single day, I am so proud and excited about the stories, images, and ideas I have been able to share.

Intentergy is a mixture of intent and energy. Hopefully those that read the Intentergy posts find a bright spot in their day or inspiration to make the days of those around them brighter.

My hope for today is that the intent and energy you put into your endeavors will be rewarded with peace and success.

To show my pride for Intentergy, I would like to ask for help in sharing my messages of positivity and love. To celebrate six months of Intentergy, I would like to ask those who enjoy my posts to share them with someone who could use some Intentergy in their lives. can be followed by e-mail. Simply click the FOLLOW tab at the bottom right-hand corner of the computer screen and enter your email.

Intentergy is on Facebook as

You can also follow or share Intentergy on Twitter @Intentergy24_7.

Thank you so much for taking time to read any of my posts and for the positive feedback and comments of those who support Intentergy and me.

By: Melanie A. Peters


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