Mommy Doesn’t Like Being Crabby

Mommy Doesn’t Like Being Crabby

Too often I find myself saying, “Please don’t make me crabby,” to my children.

Then I have to remind myself that others can’t make us feel a certain way; we control our emotions. And, yet, my pesky offspring just know how to push my buttons.

I have always heard that those we love the most have the greatest power to aggravate or annoy us. We are most easily agitated by the ones we live with. It is our daily interactions that make us vulnerable to the bothersome bantering, but those same squabbles teach us to stick together, even when we annoy each other.

There are many benefits to letting our kids see us overcome our aggravations. It allows them to learn that life isn’t always roses and rainbows. Hopefully we provide them with opportunities to see how loving, caring invidividuals deal with stress. When siblings and cousins bother each other, they learn how to resolve conflicts and how to communicate past their differences.

Put your energy into resolving your stresses in the healthiest ways and your grumpiness will come much less easily. If you do find the grumpiness coming on, it’s ok; stay positive and the crabbiness will scamper right away.

By: Melanie A. Peters 


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