Zits, pimples, blemishes, whatever you call them they are a pain. I have tried a couple of different face washes and a variety of moisturizers. I have battled my most recent blemishes with zit sticks and pimple creams. My face is just at war.

I try to not let them bother me too much. I just keep washing my face and going about my day like there isn’t a small, red mountain forming on my forehead. The one thing I have going for me is my perspective on the blemish battle. Like pimples, a lot of our problems surface this way.

We don’t always know they are coming. When they do show up, they are ugly and rub us the wrong way. When we fight them, they become more irritated and stand even taller. When they are finally defeated, we may have a scar,  but for the most part, we forget they were ever there. Keep that in mind as you take on your daily battles. 

Most problems are are nuisance today, but in the very near future, you won’t even remember they existed. You will be a more experienced and beautiful person for having persevered through that bump in the road (or your face, in my case).

The small imperfections in life are what keep things interesting. The bumpiest roads can lead to the most exciting rides. Wage your wars as you must, but let your past battles strengthen you. Forget about the unimportant struggles. They are freckles on the canvas of life.

Zits and pimples may be bad for our appearance but can be good for our souls. Don’t let blemishes in your day ruin your outlook or success. Bumps or no bumps you are beautiful.

By: Melanie A. Peters



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