Be Someone – Wise Words Wednesday

Be Someone – Wise Words Wednesday

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Being the person who makes others feel special is a wonderful way to live your life. Finding ways to make each person you encounter feel like they matter is what makes life worth living.

Greeting strangers, holding doors, carrying groceries, and giving compliments are all free and easy ways to make someone feel like they are somebody.

Going out of your way to help someone makes that effort much more valuable in your heart and theirs. Do good for others. Show them they are worth care and consideration. They are somebody to someone.

When my children arrive home each afternoon, I ask them a personalized question about their day. “What was the grossest thing that happened today?” “What did you see that was funny today?” “Who did you play with? What did you play?”

Often they will answer their own question and provide an answer to the question I asked their sibling. It opens up the conversation and allows them to see that their individual experiences are important.

At the grocery store, I love to compliment people on their purse or ask their opinion about a product that they are buying. The other shoppers are usually eager to say, “Thank you” or share their thoughts. Those simple statements or inquiries build up value in the personal image of those that I speak to because someone noticed them. You can do the same.

Be the someone who make everybody feel like somebody.

By: Melanie A. Peters


7 thoughts on “Be Someone – Wise Words Wednesday

  1. Very much akin to the daily kindness I mused on during the challenge on said subject. Excellent reminder to those like me that need such in order to keep on the right path.

    Thanks for that 😊

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