Energy Walked into a Room…


We all know the joke: A man walked into a bar…. he said, “Ouch.”

Well, the same holds true for when our energy enters a room. It speaks for us. Hopefully what our entrance energy says is much less painful than that of the man and the bar in the joke.

Keep in mind as you step into each space that your confidence, joy, sadness, insecurity, positivity, energy, or exhaustion debut just as you do.

Don’t let the energy you expel zap others. Continue reading “Energy Walked into a Room…”

Be Someone – Wise Words Wednesday

Be Someone – Wise Words Wednesday

Be someone.png

Being the person who makes others feel special is a wonderful way to live your life. Finding ways to make each person you encounter feel like they matter is what makes life worth living.

Greeting strangers, holding doors, carrying groceries, and giving compliments are all free and easy ways to make someone feel like they are somebody.

Going out of your way to help someone makes that effort much more valuable in your heart and theirs. Do good for others. Show them they are worth care and consideration. They are somebody to someone.

When my children arrive home each afternoon, I ask them a personalized question about their day. “What was the grossest thing that happened today?” “What did you see that was funny today?” “Who did you play with? What did you play?” Continue reading “Be Someone – Wise Words Wednesday”